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Comprehensive SMS Solutions

Perfect for businesses of all sizes, adapting to your needs—from basic notifications to full-scale marketing and secure login services.

One Click Subscription

Simple steps to create QR codes or links with U20.Me for easy customer sign-ups. The QR code connects to a simple subscription form.

Reliable SMS Service

Count on fast, reliable delivery with iSMS corporate SMS. Ensure correct phone numbers, and we’ll handle the rest efficiently.

Email to SMS

Send SMS alerts to multiple users directly from your existing email applications using our Email to SMS feature.

Sub Account, Department, Multi-users

Bulk SMS Malaysia offers sub-accounts for growing companies. Allocate SMS credits to each sales agent’s sub-account for effective marketing.

Mobile App SMS OTP / Verification

Easily send OTPs through our API for mobile app (Android/iOS) verification with iSMS. Quick setup after sign-up and verification.

Two-Factor Authentication API

Enhance security with iSMS 2FA, which sends a one-time PIN via SMS for web app protection.
Innovative Approach

Extensive Global Reach

iSMS offers reliable SMS services across Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and now globally. With our robust SMS engine, we confidently deliver top-notch sms service, extending our reach to most telecom networks worldwide.
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Why Choose Us?


Simple and user-friendly, supporting multiple programming languages. Use HTTPS methods for free with your iSMS account.

2-Way SMS

With iSMS 4G, customers can reply to your messages through a web form. Enjoy benefits like limitless reply length and tracking responsive phone numbers.

Free Demo

Get a free demo by request to see how it works before you decide.

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Purchase iSMS Credits

PackagesPrice Per SMS (USD)Total Amount (USD)
1,000 subscriptions0.047USD 47
3,000 subscriptions0.045USD 135
5,000 subscriptions0.044USD 218
10,000 subscriptions0.041USD 413
20,000 subscriptions0.039USD 780
35,000 subscriptions0.036USD 1260
50,000 subscriptions0.034USD 1725
100,000 subscriptions0.033USD 3300
300,000+ creditsContact Us for Quote!

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