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Time Attendance e-Leave HRM System

A.I Attendance System

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Versatile Shift Management Capabilities

  • Accommodates traditional office hours, typically from 9 AM to 5 PM.
  • Manages single-day shifts, spanning from 12AM until 12PM or vice versa.
  • Handles shifts that extend across consecutive days, such as starting at 10 PM and concluding at 7 AM the following morning.
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Automated Attendance Tracking System

  • Automatically detects and flags employee tardiness.
  • Precisely calculates and logs overtime hours worked.
  • Seamlessly computes break durations, including early or late returns.
  • Intelligently matches attendance records to predefined employee-specific work schedules.
  • Accurately identifies and reports employee absences.
scheduled change of work pattern bizcloud asia

Flexible Work Pattern Accommodation

  • Seamlessly manages scheduled rotations between morning and night shifts on a weekly or periodic basis.
  • Capable of tracking attendance based on daily work hour requirements, such as an 8-hour workday, irrespective of the specific start and end times.
  • Adapts to varying work schedules, ensuring accurate attendance monitoring and compliance with defined labor policies.
seamless integration with eleave and eclaim bizcloud asia

Advanced Interfacing with eLeave and eClaims Systems

  • Seamless integration with eLeave enables identification of absence reasons, such as approved leave, medical certificates, or designated holidays.
  • Coupling with eClaims allows the attendance system to accurately recognize and categorize extra hours as overtime.
  • Facilitates accurate tracking and processing of overtime claims and leave requests during public holidays.
overnight timesheet bizcloud asia

Overnight Timesheet

Our system efficiently tracks employees’ overnight shifts, consolidating clock-in and clock-out times within a single column, even when work spans across two consecutive days. It precisely calculates the total hours worked by each employee and automatically highlights any accrued overtime hours, ensuring transparent and accurate time tracking for overnight schedules.

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Intelligent Facial Recognition Attendance System

Integrated with Thermal Facial Recognition technology, our system leverages A.I to automatically calculate and match attendance records to each employee’s predefined work schedule. This seamless process ensures accurate time tracking by intelligently recognizing individuals and aligning their clock-in and clock-out times with their designated work patterns.

central attendance system multi device compatible bizcloud asia

Centralized Multi-Device Attendance Tracking

Our system offers a unified attendance tracking experience throughout the organization. Employees can check in and out using different devices, such as fingerprint scanners or mobile phones, at any location. The built-in A.I seamlessly combines and matches these check-in and check-out records from various sources into a comprehensive and accurate attendance log for each individual.

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Comprehensive Real-Time Reporting

Our system offers real-time attendance reporting, enabling the generation of reports anytime, from anywhere. A wide range of report types are available, providing flexibility in data analysis. These reports can be easily exported to Excel for further in-depth examination. Additionally, our system allows for report customization to meet specific organizational needs.

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Personalized Support and Customization

A key strength of our attendance system is the dedicated support provided by our dynamic developer team. We understand that every organization has its own unique set of business rules and requirements. Our team is committed to supporting and enhancing our system to align with your specific needs. Whether you need assistance over the phone, through WhatsApp, or via email, we are easily accessible and ready to provide personalized solutions.

A.I Powered Attendance System

Introducing our cutting-edge AI-Powered Attendance System, revolutionizing the way you manage employee time and attendance tracking. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, this innovative solution takes attendance management to unprecedented heights of efficiency and accuracy.

Ways For Employee to Check-in and Check-out

omni channel attendance tracking bizcloud asia

Centralized Multi-Device Attendance Tracking

Check in/out using Mobile Phone, QR GPS, QR-WFP, and TF-100 facial recognition device. Able to define working hour for each employee, define a work pattern and switch if needed.

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Comprehensive Real-Time Reporting

Check in/out using Mobile Phone, QR GPS, QR-WFP, and TF-100 facial recognition device. Able to define working hour for each employee, define a work pattern and switch if needed.

Attendance System Intro Video

Manage Your Employee’s Attendance Anytime & Anywhere!

BizCloud HR Suite Attendance Module​

BizCloud HR Suite offers multiple ways to capture employee time attendance. Each device is unique in its capabilities and compatible with the BizCloud HR Attendance modules. Once the data is captured into the database, the BizCloud HR Suite will help perform analytics on the data.

qr wfp attendance system device bizcloud asia

Record time attendance with QR Code or Fingerprint scanning. Online or offline.

qr gps attendance system device bizcloud asia

Record time attendance with QR Code or mobile GPS mapping. Online only.

bizcloud hr suite attendance system tf bizcloud asia

TF-100 Attendance System

Capture time attendance using facial recognition technology, available for use both online and offline.