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Check out our HRM system designed to simplify and improve your company's HR processes in Asia. Explore the features and advantages of Mobile Attendance, Biometric Attendance Devices, E-Claim, and E-Leave systems. Take your HR management in Asia to the next level.

Workforce Mobility Solution: Mobile Attendance App

Our Mobile Attendance system is a game-changer for employee time tracking. It allows staff to clock in and out using their smartphones, providing flexibility and convenience. This solution is perfect for remote workers, field staff, and those always on the go across different Asian regions. Stay connected and accurately record attendance from anywhere, anytime.

GPS Tracking
Ensures accurate time and attendance data by pinpointing the geographic coordinates when staff members check in or out.

Geo-Fencing Control
Define authorized clock-in zones for remote workers or office-based employees to boost the precision of attendance tracking.

hrm mobile attendance bizcloud asia

GPS with Selfie
Combines geographic location data with employee photos verification, allowing you to accurately track the attendance of off-site personnel.

Push Notifications
Get notified immediately when employees clock in from locations beyond the authorized boundaries.

Biometric Attendance Solutions

Our Biometric Attendance Devices leverage cutting-edge fingerprint scanning, GPS tracking, and facial recognition technologies to offer a secure and dependable solution for monitoring employee attendance anywhere across Asia and worldwide. These advanced biometric systems minimize the risk of attendance fraud and ensure accurate time and attendance records for your workforce.

tf100 face recognition attendance system asia

TF-150 Attendance System
Capture time attendance using facial recognition technology, available for both online and offline.

qr wfp attendance system bizcloud asia

QR-WFP Attendance System
Capture attendance with our fingerprint-enabled system and QR code scanning. Online and offline.

qr wfp attendance system bizcloud asia

QR-GPS Attendance System
Capture employee attendance through QR code scanning or mobile GPS mapping, online use only.

HRM Feature

Effortless Paperless Claims with E-Claim System

Simplify your claims process globally with our user-friendly E-Claim Management System. Streamline submissions, approvals, and tracking for a smoother, more efficient claims workflow throughout the region.

Key Capabilities of Our E-Claim Solution

  • Instantly upload receipt images to support claim submissions on-the-go
  • Customize claim amount limits based on employee roles and policies
  • Enable prompt action with push notifications for approvals
  • Accommodate diverse claim categories like travel, medical, expenses
  • Streamlined multi-tier approval workflows for efficient processing
HRM Feature

Streamline Leave Management Globally with E-Leave

Efficiently manage employee time-off requests throughout Asia using our user-friendly mobile app. HR teams receive instant notifications for swift approval or denial of leave, ensuring a seamless workflow process across any regions worldwide.

Key Advantages of Our E-Leave System

  • Automatic tracking of remaining leave entitlements
  • Simplified online process for staff leave applications
  • Ability to attach supporting documents seamlessly
  • Real-time notifications for prompt leave approval action
  • Convenient leave approvals via email or mobile app

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