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bizcloud android app business solutionManage your people, money, customers, suppliers – even your entire business – in the cloud with the most comprehensive cloud computing portfolio on the market. Seamlessly integrate with your on-premise solutions, maximize agility, and eliminate the need for major IT investments.

BizCloud app provides an all-rounded cloud-based solution for your business needs. Manage your entire business, starting from your employees, customers, money, vendors and potential leads. You can conveniently access all of your business operation records and reports from your mobile phone or tablet. Everything about your business will be in your finger tips.

Very suitable for small and medium enterprise owner globally because of its mobility and adaptiveness towards most business fields.
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Worried about your store security when you are away? With BizCloud Apps, connect directly to your POS terminals and view the real time web cam installed at the POS station.

BizCloud Apps works with the cloud business management web application as the safety back end storage. For any of you using any module from, they can download this FREE business application to connect to

Do not hesitate to contact us for help or assist in setting up BizCloud Apps for your business. We believe BizCloud’s comprehensive business management system can help you organise your business and help your business to grow to the next level.


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Inventories Management

If you have an important shipment coming in, you could do your inventories management on your mobile phone and make necessary arrangements. Use it to alert your staffs when stocks are running low. This will ensure your store inventory is constantly replenished.


bizcloud business android app receipt list

Billing & Accounting

Make sure every sales cycle is complete and closely followed up. All is achievable as your company sales records, invoices, receipts and other bills will be kept in an orderly manner for easy retrieval or track back.




bizcloud business android app leave management system

Human Resource Management

Installing BizCloud App in your phone will enable you to check your employee’s attendance. Find out who is on leave or approve leave on the go using your email.


bizcloud business android app events calendar

Customer Relationship Management

You are on holiday and all of a sudden, you need to contact your customer. Get an internet connection, then you will be able to retrieve customer information, service history and even connect to Google calendar for scheduled appointments.




bizcloud business android app pos system surveillance camera

POS Market – Online and Offline POS System Integration

Besides viewing sales reports and checking inventory, you can view your store through the POS Surveillance System. All video feeds will be recorded into BizCloud Server and BizCloud Android App will display real time image captures on 10sec intervals.


bizcloud business android app sales summary


Monitor sales profit and lost statement in real time.

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Download Android App

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Scan QR code and download!
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Version : 1.0
Requires Android : 2.2 and up
Size : 1.5MB

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