About BizCloud

About BizCloud

BizCloud Asia Sdn Bhd is a company that focuses on providing the best business solutions for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME). We begin our operation in the year 2013. BizCloud aim to build cloud solutions for corporate. Today we are operating in Penang, KL and Johor. With three branches, we can serve our customer well and help them reduce cost and increase productivity.

Two main products are being developed and supported by BizCloud. The POS system with the brand POSMarket.com.my
and HRM solution with the brand e-leave.com.my.


The POSMarket.com.my provides full features POS solution for SME. What distinguishes us from our competitors are from many aspects. What makes us different?
  • Firstly, we provide complete hardware for our customers. The hardware is all tested and maintained by our team and our brand.
  • Secondly, we are servicing a few thousand customers with our POS software which extend from retail, food and beverages, workshops, pharmacy, optical store, hardware shops, canteen and more.
  • Thirdly, we offer software lifetime online support for free. Furthermore, our software is free to upgrade and offered a one-time payment scheme.


On top of this, the whole package is only at RM 2999 (one-time) with full set of hardware and software and free software lifetime online support. It is worth mention that with RM2999 mini POS package, you will receive all new hardware with Intel i5 CPU, cash drawer, monitor, receipt printer and scanner.

A licensed BMO POS software is installed and ready to use. Online support is free, the software upgrade is free, and you even get a free 4 channels wireless CCTV for free!

BMO POS software is one of the best software available in the market because it provides very complete software features. The standard version includes many reports, customizable receipt layout, customer database, inventory management module, shop and table layout, locker function and more. With some extensions, you can easily have membership module, membership points, attendance, accounting, vendor database, vehicle database, CCTV bridge and many more!


BizCloud is a hosted cloud where all POS data can be sync to the cloud. Many reports are available; for example, the CEO can browse sales reports from all branches his handphone or make changes in the cloud and then sync it to the POS system. The cloud module is optional at RM 100 per branch per month. The BMO POS system can work with or without the cloud; the synchronization can happen automatically or manually.

The BMO POS system is accompanied by BizCloud App, which is a mobile application developed by BizCloud, and it is available in Google Play and iOS App Store. The BizCloud App connects owners to their cloud-enabled POS system, which let them view multiple reports from their mobile phone. Other than reports, BizCloud App can help the owner to manage their human resource when it is connected to HRM (human resource management) system.

The flexible system has been involved from our answer to the demands of our customers. Since 2014, we had been deploying the POS system and have been answering customers demand by optimizing and enhancing our software. Therefore, you can rest assure that our software is robust and capable, yet it is very user-friendly because many of our daily users are very low-level workers.



Typically, many POS system users do not have accounting skills, so accounting software is another software that is handled by qualified accounting personnel. In that case, the POS system is responsible only to receive money.

However, to help SME owner even more, BMO POS system is enhanced with Vendor Bill module, where you can enter the vendor bill such as item purchase invoice, TNB bill, water bill and more into the system, the output will be a profit and loss report where income is minus with the vendor bill. This will always keep you informed of your income status at any moment; you can know if you are making profit or loss anytime. It is important to strategize the next movement.


e-leave.com.my is another flagship product from BizCloud Asia. It is a full human resource management software which covers e-leave, e-claim, attendance and payroll. The software is a web application hosted in our data centre. The system has been running and serving hundreds of companies in Malaysia since 2017. It is an essential part of our company’s operation as it eases our HR admin, and help reduce our employee’s paperwork. We always strive to provide great software that is budget and powerful.


The e-Leave HRM can handle leave applications where users can apply leaves from the website or use mobile apps. The leave application applies many rules, such as applying how many days before, whether the employee has sufficient leave to be taken and if the leave is expired. Also, each leave can be approved by the superior of many levels.

The mobile app being used is BizCloud App which is hosted in Google Play and iOS App Store. The e-leave module is very flexible as many companies have their own requirements, for example, some need to burn leave at the end of the year, some can carry over, some can carry over but must be consumed within a certain period, and some allow to take advance leaves, unpaid leaves and many more. We have implemented many features to ease the HR admin. Our team is always available online to help the HR personal do the setup and customize the application to meet their requirements. The beauty of it is our online support is free!


e-Claim is another essential module inside e-Leave HRM, our team can claim from parking tickets, toll, petrol and petty cash claim. They do it by taking a photo with their phone and subscribe it with BizCloud App.

All the pictures are then saved into the cloud for further examination. The management can review the claim and make approval accordingly. The claim can also be set for overtime, hourly claim etc. The application surely easy the HR admin job and save time.

Other than the mobile phone, the user can also use web application to submit their claim. The claim can be automatically shown in the payslip later.



Attendance is important to any company. The e-Leave HRM offer multiple methods of attendance capturing. Fingerprint attendance, GPS attendance and QR attendance are the three main methods. In our case, our support team can visit the customer premise directly without coming to our office first, at the customer premise, they clock in or clock out with GPS attendance from the BizCloud app. The data captured include the GPS location on the map. This is implemented by our customer for work at home schedule as well. While QR attendance provides a contactless phone scan QR attendance, Fingerprint attendance provide biometric attendance capture device.

In the time of COVID-19 contactless attendance will help the company to avoid contact and prevent diseases. Three methods can be used together in our attendance system as the data is stored in the cloud. Our attendance system can identify employee working pattern, and AI (artificial intelligence) is implemented to automatically identify in and out time, lateness and leave early. Coupled with the e-leave system, the attendance system can recognize off-days, which significantly reduces HR admin’s work and increases accuracy.


Payroll systems combine all the information in employee database, leave, claim and attendance to create payroll. The payroll systems automatically calculate EPF, SOCSO, EIS according to the employee income. The HR admin can always edit the information and print it out for verification by the top management. The EA form will be auto-generated.

The price of the 4 modules starts at RM 50 per month per module for 50 employees. In the time of COVID-19, we are giving out Payroll module free for SME. This will help the SME to reduce their cost and move to digital and office automation. All our online support is free, and we can be easily reached from our email and phone. sales@bizcloud.asia, 1800-877-061,  +604 642 0621,  +603 7980 138, +607 361 8927.



The best of the e-Leave HRM is our customization capability. We understand that each company is unique, and their requirement of HRM is different. We are always willing to do customization based on the software that we have.

For example, some company need special reports; some company require to keep employee scanned documents etc. We are proud to serve our customer, ease their work and help them to increase productivity. At the same time, we provide free online support for all our clients.

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